Feel VR!

Realistic • Advanced • Affordable

Professional DD FFB Gaming Wheel, Amateur Price

 ○  Powerful - 12 Nm Torque

 ○  Responsive - Direct Drive, 1000Hz Data Rate

 ○  Precise - 260,000 PPR

 ○  Fast - 300 RPM

 ○  Durable - All Metal Construction

 ○  Configurable

 ○  Customizable

Affordable Full-Motion VR Simulator Seat 

 ○  Powerful - 2000W

 ○  Responsive - Direct Drive Servo Motors

 ○  Ergonomic

 ○  Compact

 ○  Supports Most Sim Games

 ○  Movie Theater Effects

 ○  Versatile

Best Price/Emotions Ratio!

Feel VR Wheel: Professional Fun at Consumer Prices

Powerful, Responsive, Realistic

Only direct-drive force feedback system can realistically simulate driving forces, traction loss, road texture and other crucial driver feelings. You will find all these capabilities in our Wheel powered by 360W motor with 12 Nm of torque. You can experience our wheel in action to discover how it outperforms any other gaming wheel on the market and is comparable to professional racing simulators.


Our positional accuracy of over 260,000 PPR will quickly acknowledge your subconscious and motor driving skills. Compare that to meager 4,096 PPR of common gaming wheels. You will also enjoy dead-zone-free operation and 100% accurate linearity.

Speedy & Lag-Free

You will discover superior overall car feel offered by the 300 RPM maximum wheel speed of our Wheel. This industry-leading speed is also crucial for drift and over-steering feel as well. You will never be concerned with time lag as our interface data rate is at least 1000 FPS.

Configurable & Customizable

Like to customize? You will find endless possibilities for customization here. You can limit rotation to any angle, and use quick release to change the driving wheel to any other model you like. You can adjust paddle shifter position and introduce response force-feedback non-linearity. Fine-tune and save all adjustments as presets to share with other gamers.


Enjoy reliable and service-free operation assured by all-metal construction and brushless motor.


Plan to spend a fraction of the cost of the high-end, professional wheels. Yet, Feel VR Wheel exceeds their performance characteristics.
Feel VR Seat: Real Fun, Realistic & Advanced Simulation


Plan to spend around four times less than other comparable multi-functional high-quality products.
Game Support & Other Advanced Functionality
You will get support for most popular simulation game titles: racing, flying, rollercoasters, etc. Moreover, you can edit motion track and play it back to verify the desired motion in video. You can watch movies and experience movie-house-like effects. Want to relax? Use the Seat as a massage seat. Need to interface with an app? Enjoy our simple API for custom use.

Responsive & Accurate

Get backlash-free response from our powerful (1kW each) direct-drive servos that operate at 100 Hz position-update rate and have feedback accuracy of 260,000 positions per revolution!

Compact & Ergonomic

You will enjoy our highly customizable seat for maximum ergonomics. In a folded state, it has footprint comparable to a computer chair. You can set Feel VR Seat to racing/flight/movie seat configuration in seconds.


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    ANROM Social Business

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