Here at Feel VR, we are passionate about creating innovative and immersive haptic feedback systems for e-sports, entertainment and simulation.

Our mission is to make professional eSports equipment affordable for any gamer.

It is really beautiful that more and more people discover the joy of Sim Racing, and we are happy to provide them with competitive equipment.

Our high priority is to listen closely to our customers feedback and constantly improve the characteristics and price of the products. 

It is our goal to create the perfect product that will unleash your inner potential, a product that won't stop you from your growth whether you are a professional racer Sim Racing fan who loves the heat of the race and ready to fight every inch of the road to his advantage. 

We have a deep gratitude for everyone involved in helping bringing this project to life.

Especially the community and professional sim racers feedback which made it possible to know what the perfect gear should be and move towards that direction.

For any business or investment inquires, please contact: