Pedals One

1. What resolution do you use for the pedals?

We use 12 bit magnetic encoder for throttle and clutch and 24 bit ADC for the load cell (brake).  

2. How about force feedback on pedals? 

We thought of adding the vibration to the brake pedal to represent the ABS triggering. But it should be connected to real telemetry and so would be supported by just several PC titles that have telemetry output. So finally, we decided that it is not that necessary as you can easily feel ABS vibration or front axle locking on the Wheel itself.


3. How about different cone stiffness for the brake pedal?

The brake travel and stiffness are easily adjustable in a wide range and most probably it is not needed to take time to disassemble the pedal and change the cones. But if for some reason, there is a high demand for the different cones, that is not a problem for us and we will consider making additional cones with the different stiffness based on most popular requests, which could be purchased separately. 

4. Can you take out the clutch pedal to make Formula 1 setup?

Yes, Pedals One has a wide range of customization possibilities and this option is one of them. You can find the guide on how to do it in Pedals One manual.